Dynamo Dresden’s former coach Capretti falls into crisis trap at Ingolstadt

Dynamo Dresden: ex-coach Capretti in Ingolstadt the crisis trap!

Dynamo Dresden to Meet Relegation Coach Guerino Capretti at Ingolstadt on Monday

On Monday at 7 p.m., Dynamo Dresden will face Ingolstadt, which means the first reunion with relegation coach Guerino Capretti. The German-Italian is experiencing a deja vu with FCI, just like when he coached Dresden. Capretti has taken over the Schanzer as a fireman, and the success so far is manageable, with seven games resulting in five bankruptcies, one win, and one draw each.

Capretti in the Crisis Trap

Capretti is facing a crisis with Ingolstadt, stating that he started in a difficult phase in which things are not going well, and the flow is missing. However, he consciously chose both tasks because they are good challenges for him as a person and as a coach and focuses on the team’s development.

Capretti’s Squad

Capretti’s task is also with a squad that he had no influence on putting together. Eleven (!) injured, sick, or suspended professionals are missing, making his task even more challenging. Capretti, however, accepts the situation uncomplainingly.

Looking Forward to Today’s Opponent

Capretti is relishing the prospect of meeting Dresden again and is looking forward to seeing some of his former players. He acknowledges that the club has stabilized, and Markus Anfang is now the coach, but it took a while to develop the current form. Capretti highlights that Dyanmo is pursuing a clear plan and is full of self-confidence, making Monday’s game a massive challenge.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Capretti faces his first reunion with Dynamo Dresden, who will be playing against his current club, FC Ingolstadt 04. The coach is excited to see a few of his former players and acknowledges the good work of Markus Anfang. It will be a challenging game for Capretti, as his team is facing eleven missing players, but he is confident in preparing the remaining players for the game.

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