Dresdner Eislöwen: A Strong Contender for the Ice Hockey Semi-Finals?

Ice hockey: are the Dresdner Eislöwen cheering for the semi-finals?

The Dresdner Eislöwen have had a rollercoaster ride in the playoffs. After losing the first three games, they have now won three times in a row. Their next game, on Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. in Krefeld, could see them progress to the semi-finals with a fourth win. Defender Niklas Postel (25) is confident that the momentum, aggressiveness, and fitness are on their side.

The lions have been improving from game to game and have the advantage of superior physical fitness. Striker Timo Walther (25) says there are few teams that can keep up with them in terms of running. They plan to capitalize on that advantage.

In comparison, Krefeld only has two particularly strong ranks, and the quality decreases after that. The DEL relegated team is also missing four top performers due to illness or injury. The four balanced rows of the ice lions have paid off so far. Additionally, the team has developed toughness. In the last 6-2 home game, goalie Janick Schwanderner (30) held out with painkillers but is still back in the goal for the upcoming game in Krefeld.

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