Doubts Arise as Former Roskosmos Chief Rogozin Questions Apollo 11 Manned Moon Landing

Former Roskosmos boss Rogozin expresses doubts about the manned moon landing on Apollo 11

Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, has caused controversy by expressing doubts about the US moon landing in 1969. In a post on his Telegram channel, Rogozin revealed that he had previously asked Roskosmos for evidence of the Apollo 11 mission, but had only received a book in which US astronauts recounted their experiences.

Rogozin’s doubts were met with anger from some amateur scientists, who accused him of undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA” and aggravating international tensions. However, Rogozin remained unconvinced.

During his tenure at Roskosmos, Rogozin attracted attention with increasingly drastic threats to the West, particularly in the wake of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. He was eventually dismissed as head of the agency in mid-July 2022.

Rogozin’s position on the US moon landing fits with a growing wave of denials questioning NASA’s greatest achievement, according to US magazine ArsTechnica. However, his comments are still concerning, particularly given his former role as a senior figure in Russia’s space industry.

If Rogozin had sought serious answers to his questions, he might have been referred to the Soviet lunar probe Luna 15, which was launched shortly before Apollo 11 and crashed following the US landing. Additionally, mirrors were left on the moon during several Apollo missions, which can still be used for precise distance measurements.

As such, it is important to challenge Rogozin’s statements and ensure that the achievements of space agencies such as NASA are not called into question without good reason.

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