Comparing German Text Grammar and Style Check Tools

A comparison of tools for checking the grammar and style of German texts

When it comes to customer communication, companies must ensure that their texts are error-free. This means that any text with incorrect grammar and style must be corrected. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), companies can now easily check their texts for any such mistakes. In this article, we take a closer look at the various tools that are available for checking the grammar and style of German texts.

Markmann’s notebooks don’t inspire, only on the go! Incorrectly placed commas and apostrophes in written communication can be a source of amusement for customers and employees alike. However, such mistakes can also damage a company’s image. Therefore, it is important for companies to subject all their texts to a thorough spelling and grammar correction. This is especially crucial for e-mails, instructions, and manuals, which should be easy to understand and follow a uniform style, wherever possible.

Most text-processing programs such as Word, browsers, and e-mail clients include a spell checker. However, only Word checks the grammar—there is no style check available anywhere. One of the few exceptions is the Word competitor Papyrus Author, which targets writers. Numerous cloud services, such as those offered by Duden, also provide text correction services. They not only check grammatical correctness but also ensure that the text is free from problematic or incomprehensible formulations. Plug-ins provided by these services can integrate the correction directly into Word, Outlook, and other applications.

The digital age has brought about a new way of checking the grammar and style of German texts. Various tools, such as Rules and AI, DeepL Write, Duden-Mentor, LanguageTool, and Corrector APP, now enable companies to easily and accurately check their texts. Such tools integrate AI algorithms to effectively recognize common grammatical and stylistic errors in German texts.

In conclusion, checking the grammar and style of German texts is an essential task that every company must undertake. Doing so ensures that they communicate their messages effectively and professionally. By relying on AI-based tools such as those discussed above, businesses can easily and accurately check their texts, saving time and effort in the process.

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