Calculating the State of German Football on TV: Insights from Matthias Sammer’s Champions League Analysis

Champions League: Matthias Sammer calculates German football on TV

Matthias Sammer, a TV expert, has strongly criticized German football after RB Leipzig’s defeat at Manchester City in the Champions League round of 16. He believes that all teams except FC Bayern should ask themselves fundamental questions about their performance. Despite being a world-class team, Bayern is the only team that has consistently shown strength in the league.

Sammer notes that the virtues that once made German teams successful, such as athleticism, physique, and a winning mentality, are increasingly being forgotten. Manchester City was physically present, mobile, and fast on the pitch. According to Sammer, this was something that German teams have been lacking in recent times. He calls for a rethink in training work and suggests that German teams need to go back to basics.

Sammer also feels that German football’s focus has been on adopting methods from other nations rather than sticking to their own strengths. He suggests that in order to move forward, German teams need to take a step back and work on basic things that made them strong in the past.

Overall, Sammer highlights the need for German football to focus on their strengths and re-emphasize basic training work. He believes that this is the only way for German teams to regain their lost glory and live up to their reputation as one of the strongest footballing nations in the world.

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