Build an Energy-Saving NAS with a Slim and Inexpensive Thin Client

Slim, cheap, energy-saving: Build NAS with Thin Client

A Thin client can be used to create an energy-saving NAS (Network-Attached Storage) with up to 200 TB of storage. These devices are relatively inexpensive and can be used to build a NAS that is both energy-efficient and powerful. However, installing enough data storage in a Thin client is not always easy.

Fortunately, there are three possible solutions to this problem. The first is a minimalist NAS that has an operating system and data storage on one drive. The second is a Frankenstein NAS that uses a self-made mount for two external drives. The third is a true Thin NAS that has a PCIe controller for four M.2 modules.

Installing an operating system and data storage on a single drive is the simplest and cheapest option for building a minimalist NAS. However, this may not provide enough storage space for some users. The Frankenstein NAS, which involves building a mount for two external drives, provides more space, but may require some technical knowledge to set up.

Finally, the Thin NAS is the most powerful and space-efficient option. By using a PCIe controller for four M.2 modules, users can achieve up to 200 TB of storage in a small, energy-efficient device.

Inexpensive consumer NAS devices are often too weak and overloaded with software, while old PCs require too much power to function as a NAS. The Thin NAS presents an energy-efficient solution for users who want to build a powerful and space-efficient NAS.

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