Boosting IT Management Efficiency with Exciting New Webinars

New webinars for more efficiency in IT management

Efficient IT management is essential for companies of all sizes to succeed. It requires technical and methodological knowledge, as well as skills for planning and controlling IT architectures and systems. To improve IT management, the heise Academy and Rheinwerk present the new webinar series, “IT Management in Practice.”

The webinar series features specialists and managers who will teach proven procedures, methods, and tools for planning and controlling corporate IT. Participants will learn relevant skills for their company’s unique situation, and case studies will be presented to demonstrate practical applications.

The webinar series consists of five webinars, with a total of 20 hours of expert knowledge. The webinars cover everything successful IT managers need to know. Ernst Tiemeyer, consultant and digital strategist, will discuss strategic and operational basics, organization, IT assessments, technology and trend assessment, roadmapping, project planning, service portfolio management, and IT sourcing and procurement.

The webinars will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and each webinar costs 169 euros. A combination ticket for all five webinars costs 595 euros, and a subscription to the heise Academy for a year costs 495 euros, providing access to over 100 video courses and 90 webinars.

All participants will receive expert tips and practical knowledge, will be able to ask questions in the live chat, and will benefit from exchanging ideas with other participants. Videos and exercise materials are included, so participants can revisit what they’ve learned.

To learn more about the webinar series and to access tickets, interested individuals can visit the website. Anyone who wishes to stay up to date on heise Academy offers can sign up for the newsletter.

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