Analyst predicts 3D printed components in upcoming Apple Watch Ultra

Analyst: Parts of the next Apple Watch Ultra will be 3D printed

Apple is reportedly planning to incorporate 3D printing technology into the production of the next Apple Watch Ultra. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed this information after conducting a survey of companies in the Far East supply chain. The use of 3D printing is expected to begin in the second half of 2023. The specific components that will be 3D printed are titanium mechanical parts, which will be integrated into the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. Despite utilizing 3D printing, these parts will still require processing by a CNC machine. Apple hopes that 3D printing will lead to cost and time savings in production, as it has traditionally milled the components out of metal blocks. If successful, the Apple Watch Ultra could serve as a model for the manufacturing processes of other Apple devices. Apple’s suppliers are reportedly relying on IPG Photonics, a company that will exclusively provide the laser components. Other companies involved in the production of the Apple Watch Ultra include Farsoon and BLT. Financial analysts at TF International Securities in Taiwan believe that these companies have high expectations for Apple’s interest in 3D printing. The first generation of the Apple Watch Ultra was released in late summer 2022 and features a 49mm case, making it the largest watch in Apple’s lineup. Designed with athletes in mind, it remains unknown when and how Apple plans to further develop the Ultra in the future.

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