Amazon Enhances Matter Compatibility: Increased Device Range and iOS Compatibility

Amazon Expands Matter Support: More Devices and iOS Support

Amazon Expands Support for Matter Smart Home Standard

Amazon has announced that it is expanding its support for the Matter smart home standard. The company revealed that Matter-enabled devices, including Matter-enabled Thread models, can now be set up for use with Alexa via iOS. Previously, this was only possible on Android with the required Alexa app. With the Matter connection standard, smart home devices can now be used across platforms. Amazon is also extending its Matter support to additional devices via an update. The Echo (2nd generation), Echo Dot (2nd generation) and Echo Plus (2nd generation) can be used as a Matter controller, in addition to the previously suitable Amazon devices.

Echo (4th generation) as Thread Border Router

Amazon has further extended its Matter support to the Echo (4th generation), which can now be used as a thread border router. In addition to WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh and Thread, the 4th generation Echo becomes even more versatile in the ways it can be connected. A threaded border router mediates information between a threaded network commonly used by smart home devices and the local area network.

Over 100 Million Matter-enabled Echo Devices

Amazon revealed that there are now over 100 million Matter-enabled Echo devices. The company is trying to get manufacturers of smart home devices to be certified under the “Works with Alexa” label. Devices that conform to the standard can access functions such as “frustration-free setup” (FFS). Amazon explains that customers who opt for the FFS function when paying on can add their devices directly to Alexa in this way. Eve will roll out FFS for Matter-enabled devices starting later this month.


In conclusion, Amazon’s expansion of its Matter support will allow smart home devices to be used across platforms, increasing the convenience of controlling smart homes. Amazon’s push for “Works with Alexa” certification for manufacturers will further streamline the setup process for customers and increase the ease of use of smart home devices. With over 100 million Matter-enabled Echo devices, Amazon is poised to be a major player in the smart home industry for years to come.

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