Alec Baldwin Facing Lawsuit from Crew Members Over Rust Incident

The Rust Curse: Now Alec Baldwin is being sued by crew members

Three crew members of the Western film “Rust” have filed lawsuits against Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, who also served as the film’s producer. The incident, where a live bullet discharged from Baldwin’s pistol, caused physical and psychological distress to crew members. The lawsuit includes charges of negligence and intentional infliction of mental suffering. Camera technician Ross Addiego, costume designer Doran Curtin, and leading actor Reese Price are the plaintiffs in the case.

Baldwin, his company El Dorado Pictures, and Rust Movie Productions LLC were accused of neglecting safety protocols and disregarding reports of multiple, undocumented firearm discharges. The lawsuit claims that the film was completed in a hurry and with an understaffed crew. Instead of following safety guidelines, the producers hired an inexperienced weapons specialist and set manager with a history of security breaches.

All three plaintiffs were in the small wooden church where the accident occurred when they saw the flash of the shot and heard the bang of the gun. Addiego gave first aid to director Joel Souza, who was also hit. Curtin watched in shock as camerawoman Halyna Hutchins grabbed her abdomen. The lawsuit details how Curtin attempted to determine the source of Hutchins’ pain and was later expelled from the church. She collapsed outside from the effects of the explosion and the shock of the shooting.

The incident had lasting effects on the plaintiffs, causing insomnia, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. Baldwin has previously pleaded not guilty in another criminal complaint, and he is also facing another civil lawsuit brought by Hutchins’ parents and sister. The charge of negligent homicide has already been dropped.

Baldwin is still charged with involuntary manslaughter, and if guilty, he could face up to 18 months in prison. During the investigation, it was revealed that Baldwin skipped several safety training sessions. The plaintiffs’ lawsuit seeks to hold Baldwin and the production companies responsible for their actions, which caused physical and psychological harm to the crew members of “Rust”.

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