AI-Generated Voices: Evaluating 7 Text-to-Speech Solutions

AI Voices: A Comparison of Seven Text-to-Speech Providers

AI Voices: A Comparison of Seven Text-to-Speech Providers

The use of AI voice technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. From podcast narration to video dubbing and gaming, there are countless applications for this technology. However, it is not just about achieving quality voice output, but also about authenticity. AI-based text-to-speech algorithms are designed to create a realistic voice output that is indistinguishable from a human’s.

To see how well this technology is advancing, we tested seven different providers of text-to-speech services. Our selection covers a wide range of price points and offerings, from inexpensive start-ups such as ElevenLabs and Speecheasy to established providers such as Beepbooply and Uberduck, who offer hundreds of different voices.

We were interested in finding out what added value these systems offer compared to the voice output that is already integrated into modern operating systems. While male and female voices integrated into Windows and macOS can read text documents, websites, and emails in decent quality, German often sounds clumsy. However, the quality of integrated voices is sufficient to convey content to people with impaired vision.

Four of the online services we examined (Beepbooply, ElevenLabs, Murf, and Revoicer) speak German in addition to English and other languages. Providers such as Coqui, ElevenLabs, Murf, and Uberduck can also clone voices. All providers work browser-based, and with the exception of Revoicer, you can try all services for free.

However, downloading the audio data with the spoken texts is often only possible after the conclusion of a paid subscription, with starting prices ranging from $5 to $30 per month. Nevertheless, after payment, you can download the recordings from all providers and use them commercially, even after the subscription period has ended.

Overall, the technology for AI voice output has come a long way in just a few years. While there is still room for improvement in terms of authentic voice reproduction, the offerings available today are impressive. If you’re looking to use text-to-speech technology in your projects, we recommend exploring the providers we tested to find the one that best suits your needs.

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