Adrián Uribe Returns to Social Media After Battling Serious Illness.

Mexican actor and comedian, Adrián Uribe, recently gave his fans a scare when he had to cancel his artistic presentations and be admitted to an emergency hospital due to a severe stomach infection. However, he has since reassured his followers that he is doing much better and that he is now at home.

In a message posted on Twitter, Uribe thanked everyone for their love and support during his hospitalization. He also shared a funny video on Instagram, where he can be seen exercising with his daughter in what appears to be his house. Although he did not specify when he will return to the stage, his fans were glad to hear that he is already feeling better.

Uribe had to cancel his “Chavorucos” tour, which he is holding with Adal Ramones, due to his hospitalization. They were supposed to visit Fresno and Los Angeles this weekend in the United States, but they have indicated that they will reschedule the dates.

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