A Woman Brutally Attacked by Knife-Wielding Man

A young woman was violently attacked on Sunday evening in the XIVth district of Paris as she was leaving her workplace. An armed man, who had concealed his face, was caught in the act and subsequently placed under police custody, according to Actu17.

A neighbor alerted the police around 7pm after hearing the victim scream and spotting her attacker. The police officers from the XIVth district quickly arrived at Rue du Moulin-Vert in the Alesia neighborhood. The officers heard the victim’s cries for help, as she was inside her ground-floor premises. They attempted to force open the door, but ultimately, it was the young woman who managed to open it by reaching for the handle. She appeared disoriented and had a bloodied face.

Once inside, the authorities encountered the assailant, wearing gloves, and his face obscured by a hood and a surgical mask. The man was holding a kitchen knife with a blade of approximately 25 cm, according to a source close to the investigation. The police ordered him to drop his weapon and aimed at him. The suspect complied, dropped his knife, and willingly lay down on the ground to be apprehended and handcuffed.

Facial injury

The emergency services took charge of the victim, who had been beaten, and noted a suturable wound on her chin. She was transported to Saint-Joseph Hospital by the firefighters, with no life-threatening prognosis.

The assailant was placed under police custody at the local police station. He claimed that he had attempted to steal the victim’s handbag. However, the victim, traumatized, provided a different account to the investigators, explaining that her attacker had emerged as she was leaving and forcefully pushed her inside, striking her violently. The scooter on which the assailant had arrived was recovered by the police, who conducted on-site investigations.

The motives of the attacker remain to be determined. The investigation was entrusted to the local neighborhood reception and investigation service (SAIP) of the XIVth district.

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