A Woman Becomes a Victim of Rape after Urinating behind a Bush

A chilling crime, just steps from the Eiffel Tower. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, October 17, a 23-year-old British tourist, who was staying in the capital with a friend, became the victim of a tragedy. Her friend had to relieve herself near the Parisian monument and momentarily stepped behind a bush in the Champ-de-Mars. It is there that the young woman claims she was raped, according to our colleagues at Le Parisien.

According to her account, a man took advantage of the situation and threatened her with a knife to achieve his goals. After contacting the Paris anticrime brigade, the British tourist revealed that she is a police officer on a two-day trip to Paris. She was then taken care of by the firefighters.

Subsequently, a man matching the description of the alleged assailant was arrested by police officers from the 7th arrondissement. Aged 35, he has a surprising profile: “At first glance, he seems mentally unstable. Not the type of delinquent we would expect,” confided a source close to the investigation to Le Parisien.

A risky area

While there is currently no confirmation that the individual in question is the rapist identified by the victim, the Parisian police have confirmed to our colleagues that assaults against women are very common in this area. “It is indeed a place where there are sometimes people who take advantage of the intoxication of certain women to commit sexual assaults or worse,” laments a police source to the newspaper.

According to the same source, increasing police patrols in the area has not made a difference: “It’s not just a question of the police. Perhaps urban planning should be considered. Darkness or dusk favors these actions,” the anonymous official suggests.

This new incident rekindles the controversy over the lack of public toilets and the issue highlighted by some associations regarding the little space given to women and their safety in both urban and rural areas.

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