Putin says he’s in no ‘rush’ to end his war in Ukraine

The Russian president declared that his objective continues to be “the liberation” of the territory of Donbas and the mining basin of eastern Ukraine, formed by the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday (09.16.2022) that his government is in “no hurry” to end its military campaign in Ukraine, and maintained that the strategy of the Russian forces has not changed and they continue to conquer territories.

“Our offensive operations in Donbas are not stopping, they are advancing little by little,” Putin said during a press conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

“We are not fighting with our entire army. We are fighting only with the part that has a (professional) contract,” he added. The Kremlin has officially banned the sending of recruits to the front and refuses to carry out a general mobilization in the country.

“The plan (of operations) does not need changes … we are not in a hurry,” Putin said.

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“The kyiv authorities announced that they had started a counteroffensive […]. We will see how it ends”, he commented in reference to the recovery of territories by the Ukrainian army in the northeast and south of the country..

He added that the key objective of the Kremlin remains “the liberation of the entire territory of Donbas”, the mining basin in eastern Ukraine formed by the Lugansk region – in the hands of the Russian army – and the Donetsk region, partially occupied by Moscow.

He also accused Ukraine of perpetrating “terrorist acts” and damaging Russian infrastructure. “We’re responding to that sparingly for now,” she said.

“Russian forces carried out a series of bombings there recently. Let’s say they are warning bombings. But if the situation continues to evolve in that direction, our response will be much more serious,” he warned.

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