Ophélie Meunier, secrets about her family life

Ophélie Meunier spoke about her family life in an interview with “Télé-Loisirs”, published on Wednesday.

Ophélie Meunier indulged in a few confidences. In an interview with “Tele-Leisure “, the presenter of “Forbidden Zone” poured out his private life. “I have a family life that resembles that of many people. We work a lot, we are busy with the children and from time to time, we try to find moments to go to the restaurant in love, ”she confided.

“You may have expected me to tell you something extraordinary, but what’s great is that my life is like many others,” added the mother of Joseph (3 years old) and Valentine (9 months), who then speaks to her husband Mathieu Vergne, president of the production company DMLS TV. “We talk a lot, we are both passionate about our jobs and we understand each other. We have a lot of things in common except that he is on the entertainment side and I on the news side”, can we read in the columns of the magazine.

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“I found my balance”

The 34-year-old host regularly posts snippets of her private life on Instagram. A few days ago, she also published a photo of her in a wedding dress on the Dune du Pilat to pay tribute to this place she loves so much, hard hit by the fires. “What I show is quite subtle. I don’t show my children’s faces. I have a professional life and a family life, social networks reflect that in a rather real way. I do not completely hide this life and at the same time, I do not make cases, ”she added.

“I work a lot. With my radio show on RTL, “Le Journal Inattendu”, every Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., 6 days a week. I have found my balance, in the morning or in the evening I give myself time to be with my children. I don’t feel like I’m overworked, and at the same time, I don’t have a second to spare, ”concluded Ophélie Meunier, who will be at the controls of “19:45” on M6 this summer.

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