Dany Boon tricked by an Irish “Lord”, millions of euros stolen

An Irish daily relayed the statements of Dany Boon’s lawyer, who explains that the actor was defrauded of 6.7 million euros.

Dany Boon was duped by an Irish “Lord”. The French actor accuses a man of having defrauded him of 6.7 million euros, between April and July 2021, according to the words of his lawyer, relayed in the “Irish Examiner July 14, 2022. The Irish daily explains that the 56-year-old actor has hired Thierry Fialek-Birles to maintain his yacht, called Umaren.

Known by multiple pseudonyms, “Terry” advised Dany Boon to hire another company to take care of his boat. He even claims that his family is behind the creation of this company, named South Seas Merchants Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM). Dany Boon then pays him 2.2 million euros to renovate his yacht.

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Thierry Fialek-Birles then suggested that he invest in a plan affiliated with the Irish Central Bank, which would allow him to obtain annual interest of 3.25%, tax-free. Convinced by this financial package, the director of “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” agrees to pay 4.5 million euros.

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Four months later, the father of Mehdi (24), Noé (22), Eytan (17), Elia (15) and Sarah (12) learns that the Irish company has been sold to an Italian family. He then claims reimbursement of the funds invested but quickly learns that his money has been transferred to Panamanian and South Korean accounts. According to his lawyer, Dany Boon never recovered this money.