star friends, applause and a thousand roses



Dani’s funeral was held Tuesday afternoon in Perpignan, before the burial in the Saint-Martin cemetery.

Relatives and friends of Dani had an appointment this Tuesday, July 26, at the beginning of the afternoon, at the Saint Jean-Baptiste cathedral in Perpignan. Several personalities were present to pay him a final tribute. The interpreter and actress died on July 18, following a malaise, at the age of 77.

As his family had announced on Monday to “L’Indépendant”, the cathedral was decorated with “a thousand multicolored roses” for the funeral. The ceremony began and ended with music, but not Dani’s: “She didn’t like to listen to herself,” one of her sons explained. The artist leaves behind her son Julien (53), born of her relationship with the late photographer Benjamin Auger. She was also close to Emmanuel Auger, the eldest son of the latter, whom she considered her own son.

At the funeral, comedian Gérard Lanvin made an appearance, as well as Jo Maso, the former manager of the France rugby team and close friend of Dani was also present.

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It was to applause that the coffin left the cathedral. After the religious ceremony, Danièle Graule – her real name – was buried in the Saint-Martin cemetery, in the family vault where her parents and her sister Jeanne, who died in 1999, rest.

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