Britney Spears’ new revelations about her mother

Britney Spears has made new revelations about her family, especially her mother, whom she accuses of abuse.

Britney Spears has not finished waging war on her mother. This Sunday, the 40-year-old singer shared screenshots of old messages sent when she was locked up in a mental institution during the time of her guardianship, from which she freed herself in November 2021. Through this publication, now deleted, the interpreter of “Toxic” wanted to show that she had asked for help from her relatives, without them deigning to help her.

Lynne Spears, the superstar’s mother, has denied the accusations. She shared excerpts from her responses sent to her daughter on Monday. “Britney, I have the ‘entire conversations’ too! I suffer for you that you have the impression that the people who love you the most have betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!” she captioned.

But this answer was not enough to convince the artist. Quite the contrary. This Tuesday, she published a long text denouncing the actions of her mother. “Hi mom, do people know that this exchange is one of the only times you replied to my messages? Did you tell them how you hide my coffee every morning? How every time I was looking for my coffee, I couldn’t find any pictures of me in the kitchen, only Maddie’s [sa nièce, ndlr] and Jamie Lynn [sa petite sœur, ndlr] ? Every morning I added a photo of me next to yours…and each time you took them down before I woke up,” Britney Spears said.

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“Do they know you slept in my house by the beach when I didn’t even have access to my car keys? Did you tell them that you made me go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week when I wasn’t even drinking? perfect when going to church. Britney Spears wanted to remind Internet users that Lynne had “published a book” about her, revealing her sadness when “Kevin took my children”. “You used me … Yes I say it loud and clear and it drives me crazy that you still play the pious and loving mother”, she concluded.

Britney Spears married Sam Asghari in early June. The lovebirds, who are trying to have a child, have just bought a sumptuous mansion in Los Angeles.