Alicia Vikander opens up about her ‘extreme and painful’ miscarriage

In an article published this Sunday in the “Sunday Times”, Alicia Vikander recounted having had a miscarriage.

The road to motherhood was strewn with pitfalls. In an interview given to theSunday Times “Alicia Vikander confided to having suffered a miscarriage, evoking her difficulties in getting pregnant. “We have a child now, but it took us a long time,” admitted Michael Fassbender’s wife.

In the ‘Irma Vep’ miniseries, the first episode of which was unveiled in early June, the 33-year-old actress stars as a pop star forced back on stage shortly after her miscarriage . This character, which obviously echoes her story, helped her deal with her own grief, she explained. Director Olivier Assayas also explained to Paris Match that he had written this role for her.

“I thought I could never have children”

She also compared her past to the movie “A Life Between Two Oceans,” released in 2016, in which she starred with her husband. Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender played a childless couple. “[La fausse couche] was so extreme and painful to go through. She reminded me of the filming. It has another meaning now,” added the Swede.

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“There are times when co-workers have been through really hard times and I don’t understand how they managed to walk a red carpet afterwards. To be greeted by people who ask “How are you?”, given what they had just experienced… Most people could not leave their homes”, can we read in the columns of the weekly.

In images, in pictures : Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, the couple pull out all the stops at Cannes

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander tied the knot in October 2017, three years after they met on the set of ‘A Life Between Two Oceans’. Very modest about their private life, the actors have never revealed the name and sex of their child, born in August 2021. In a recent interview with “Harper’s Bazaar “, the interpreter of Lara Croft had declared that she always prioritized her “little family”. “In my small family, with my husband and my child, we always travel together. It is the rule. We do everything so that one of us can be with the baby,” she confided.

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“I tried for a long time to get pregnant. I had some tough times during the lockdown. For a moment, I thought I could never have a child,” she said, determined to talk about her problems to help other women overcome them.