Sophie Tapie causes a sensation by singing La Marseillaise at the Grand Prix de France

Sophie Tapie performed La Marseillaise on Sunday at the Grand Prix de France.

She had a heavy responsibility this Sunday. Sophie Tapie was invited to perform the Marseillaise on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France. Dressed in a green jumpsuit, facing the microphone and surrounded by musicians from the Foreign Legion, the young woman moved the public and the viewers from the first notes.

On July 5, she announced that she had agreed to play the game. In a message posted on Instagram, she explained: “I have the immense pleasure of announcing to you, after having sown several clues, that I will sing La Marseillaise for the Formula 1 French Grand Prix at the Paul Ricard circuit on July 24! I am both extremely honored and stressed about the responsibility this represents. The singer had indeed distilled some references to her future passage on the circuit. On June 30, while she was still keeping the secret, she had written: “Happy holidays to all those who are in the starting blocks! A thought for the seasonal workers who will not have our luck, as well as for all those who will have to wait until August. For my part it will be the south of France, and you? Kisses”.

The coming of the artist for this event which takes place not far from Marseille resonates as a symbol, she who is the daughter of the disappeared Bernard Tapie, emblematic figure of the region. Amusing detail of this performance, Sophie Tapie wore number 44 on one of her sleeves. It didn’t take long for Internet users to make the link with Lewis Hamilton’s favorite number. The British pilot indeed chose several years ago to wear this number until the end of his career. Was this a way for the beautiful blonde to support him?

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