She wakes up after two years in a coma and accuses her brother of attempted murder

An American woman woke up after two years in a coma and accused her brother of attempted murder. The latter, who was arrested and indicted, died Thursday.

Daniel J. Palmer III was 55 years old. Last week, this American from Virginia was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of his sister. On Thursday, authorities announced he lost his life, likely of natural causes, after being taken to hospital in Charleston. Everything has recently accelerated for this family, reports the magazine “People “. In 2020, his sister Wanda Palmer was found unresponsive on the couch in her Cottageville home. “She had severe trauma to the skull and brain.” At the time, the investigation revealed that the weapon used to attack him was probably a hatchet or a machete.

After two years in a coma, the victim finally woke up recently and accused his brother of attempted murder. Testimony corroborated by a witness who said at the time that he saw the suspect near the home of the American, the day before the discovery of his body. “He was considered a person of interest at the start of the investigation, but we did not have enough evidence against him to move forward. We had nothing but one person driving around midnight who said they saw him standing on the porch,” Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger told the US magazine. “Due to a prior violent history between Wanda Palmer and her brother Daniel Palmer, investigators initially considered Daniel a suspect in the assault,” read the criminal complaint filed in the county trial court. of Jackson, quoted by the “Washington Post ».

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When the sheriff was informed that the 51-year-old victim had woken up and was able to speak with the police, he and his teams drove him to the nursing home where she was. “His speaking was very basic. She could say a word or two, but she was able to clearly identify her brother, and confirm his name. She was able to describe in a basic way how she was attacked and injured,” he commented. “It allowed us to finally move forward to resolution,” he added.

But seven days after being taken into custody, the suspect therefore lost his life following an “avalanche of recurring health problems”. “He was not a healthy man to begin with and once he arrived in prison his health continued to deteriorate.” The sheriff regrets that from an investigation point of view, he did not have the chance to fully complete this file. But he said he was satisfied knowing that Wanda Palmer could be heard “by everyone”. Daniel Palmer was being held on $500,000 bail.

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