Now an adult, Eminem’s darling daughter Hailie opens up about her unique childhood


Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Mathers started a podcast with her best friend. In one of the episodes, she notably recounted her particular childhood with the legendary rapper.

Eminem fans know how much his daughter Hailie means to him. When he was at the height of fame, the rapper never missed an opportunity to tell the world how much he loved her, in song or in interviews. The little girl that the artist has been so keen to protect, making sure to give her a happy home despite his public and violent war with his ex-wife and mother of the little girl, Kim, is now an accomplished young adult. Hailie Jade, a psychology graduate from the University of Michigan has just launched her podcast with her best friend Brittany Ednie, called “Just A Little Shady”. In the first episode, she notably evokes her childhood with the rapper. The two comrades who grew up together recall how the interpreter of “The Real Slim Shady” used to show them around his tour bus or take them on fun together.

“It’s so fun to remember all that, to think back to it as adults, because I think it was unreal. These memories were normal for us, but now that I have hindsight, I see how cool it was, ”comments Hailie Jade at the microphone. She returns in particular to a trip to Florida, during which her father “was working on something”, he “had brought a limousine to take us to Disney and we had tea with the princesses, there were dresses that we were waiting”. “And at the time, we were so happy and excited, but we didn’t enjoy that moment like we do today.”

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“A normal life”

Sweet memories for the two friends, who at the time probably did not realize the global success of the rapper. The latter, who cultivated a provocative and scandalous image, was privately a loving and patient father. “My daughter keeps growing, I look at her with pride, people laugh, because they don’t understand me, they don’t see this real part of me, I act like shit, don’t blame me, at the inside it drives me crazy, my anxieties could eat me alive, but then I see my baby and all of a sudden I’m not crazy anymore, everything makes sense when I look into his eyes (…) Hailie, reminds- you when I said that if you needed anything, your father would always be there? Well you know what, your father is here”, he sang in 2002 in the title “Hailie’s song”.

In 2020, when the girl had just graduated from university, Eminem gave an interview to the program “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in which he shared his pride in seeing the young woman she has become. Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, raised two other daughters. Alaina is his niece but the ‘8 Miles’ star legally adopted her in the 2000s and raised her as his own daughter with ex-wife Kim Scott. Alaina’s birth mother was Kim’s twin sister, Dawn Scott, who died in 2016 of an overdose. Her third child, Whitney Scott, now Stevie, was born of Kim Scott’s relationship with Eric Hartter. Eminem also legally adopted him. “I have a niece that I helped raise, she’s pretty much like a daughter to me, and she’s 26. And then I have a younger one who is 17 now. So when I think of accomplishments like this, that’s probably the thing I’m most proud of, being able to raise kids,” he told Mike Tyson. He added that the important thing for children of famous parents was to keep them grounded.

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Which Hailie confirms in her podcast, telling listeners that unlike many celebrity families, she and her friend Brittany went to “regular public school.” “We never felt anything was different. We had normal experiences, and when something happened to us, we thought it happened to everyone else too. Brittany Ednie added that the two little girls bonded at the time because they were very shy kids who were focused on getting good grades, but who also loved “having snacks” together.