PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X – What to Choose in 2022?

Sony and Microsoft have already managed to show what will be released in the next generation of consoles and what to expect from industry developers in the coming years. Let’s summarize a little and analyze what you should pay attention to when choosing between PlayStation 5 and Xbox X.

Game Exclusivity

Microsoft’s policy is based on the idea that all titles should be available on any of the devices, be it a PC or a game console. In this case, almost all the exclusives that are announced on the Xbox Series X are available on a personal computer on the same day. Roughly speaking, titles are developed for several platforms at once, and in this situation, optimization will suffer. If you want to play well-optimized games on any device, Click Here To Play Zodiac Casino and enjoy the best games on this platform.

Sony is pursuing a different strategy. Exclusives are first developed for PlayStation 5, and only then – for PCs. Despite this, Sony pays special attention to optimization. Therefore, if exclusive titles from Sony are important when choosing a console, you will not play them anywhere except on the PlayStation (at least in the coming years). Among the high-profile announcements, special attention should be paid to the following games:

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In addition, the popular action-adventure series Uncharted can only be played on PlayStation. It also includes InFamous, the Gran Turismo series, and The Last of Us.

Technical Features

When it comes to graphics, maximum resolution, and technical capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, it is worth considering an important point – the picture parameters also depend on the characteristics of your TV. Both consoles consistently output 4K at 60 FPS with HDR support.

As for the differences, here Sony is ahead of its competitor in the following parameters:

  • 3D sound. You will experience the maximum effect only by wearing the new Pulse 3D headset. This is the sound that you have not yet heard in games.
  • DualSense Controller. Gamepad with revolutionary responsiveness and tactile feedback on a whole new level, as well as side triggers with variable resistance. Shots from a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, or bow feel completely different.
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Despite the more powerful features, the Xbox Series X cannot boast of such innovations.


There is no point in chasing the power of the Xbox Series X if you already have a PC that can handle today’s games. Almost all high-profile titles from the publisher will be released on both platforms.

Another thing is Playstation 5. Firstly, you can play games that will not be available on the computer for quite a long time. Secondly, DualSense capabilities coupled with 3D surround sound. The third is optimization. The combination of these factors makes Playstation 5 an excellent choice.