Carla Bruni, keeping the line at 54 requires great effort

Keeping fit over 50 takes time and effort for Carla Bruni, as she explains in a new interview.

At the very moment when she was making her mark on the Cannes red carpet, Carla Bruni agreed to pose from her home in Cap Nègre for the magazine “Madame Figaro “. In the interview that accompanies this photo shoot, unveiled in the July 8 edition, the 54-year-old ex-top model opened up candidly about her efforts to stay in shape.

“I have a figure and a style, perhaps, but I make countless efforts to stay slim: two hours of sport a day, the bar, the elliptical, a little Pilates”, explains the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. She then adds: “I have long been ungrateful, straight and thin, I had the feeling of being invisible. I became a young girl late, at 17. Suddenly, I had a body and I could see that people looked at me differently at the beach. What did I feel then? The pleasure of seduction (…). Pleasing is much more interesting than being beautiful. Besides, beauty doesn’t hold up to age, it’s dreadful!

If she devotes herself today to her career as an interpreter, the mother of Aurélien and Giulia (21 and 10 years old) has not quite turned her back on modeling. Last September, she also distinguished herself on the podium of the Balmain fashion show. An experience during which she admits to having felt “destabilized”: “In fact, I consider that it is no longer my age. I’m the youngest in my family, and it’s very strange to think that I’m old enough to be the mother of all the other models. And, at the same time, fashion remains a family: I love designers, girls, hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers…”

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