Pauline Lefèvre mother who tries to stay the course, Anouckha Delon supports her

Tuesday, June 28, Pauline Lefèvre confided in her trying day. Confidences that did not fail to react Anouchka Delon.

Russian mountains. Tuesday June 28, on her Instagram account, Pauline Lefèvre indulged in a few confidences. The opportunity for the 41-year-old actress to look back on her colorful day and give some little advice to subscribers who follow her. “It’s 2:20 p.m. I’m two years late for sleep, I just lost my intermittent status, I took the wrong bus to go to a casting, I arrived stressed and sweaty and I most likely missed this casting. “, she first wrote in the caption of a snapshot of her, cap on her head, and a photo of a dish of cookies.

The actress was able to find comfort and “benevolence” among her friends at the restaurant Skillful. The opportunity also to “share (his) parenthood setbacks” around a few “cookies”. “I’m in a funny taxi that drives without the need for Waze, to pick up a Slovenian au pair in whom I put a lot of hope to catch up on a few crumbs of sleep and available brain.” entrusts. Despite everything, Pauline Lefèvre remains positive and even shares her little ritual, useful for boosting morale. “I read somewhere that feeling grateful lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, so every day I make a mental list of gratitudes, small, tiny or big, whatever I have on hand. . There immediately I wanted to make a post (which I will surely delete), to say that, even if we have the impression of drooling sometimes, thank you life, thank you thank you. Thank you all.”

Confidences that do good

A message that did not fail to please Internet users, but also to her friend, Anouchka Delon. Very touched by his message, the daughter of Alain Delon left him a nice comment. “Thank you girl, I needed it today too. Damn don’t delete this post it’s so helpful,” she wrote.

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Since 2013, Pauline Lefèvre has been married to Julien Ansault, son of comedian and actress Chantal Ladesou. On December 9, 2020, she announced happy news on her Instagram account: the birth of her twins, Léopoldine and Hugues.