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Favorite of the French and king of the round ball. The son of an Algerian couple, Zinedine Zidane grew up in Marseilles and like many boys, had fun doing some step-overs. In 1987, aged 15, the little “Zizou” was noticed by AS Cannes recruiter Jean Varraud. Supported by his parents and hosted by a host family, he joined the training center in Cannes.

Two years later, in 1989, he met Véronique Fernandez in a hostel for young workers in Cannes. An immediate love at first sight which ended in a marriage on May 28, 1994 in Bordeaux. “When I met her, I would have thrown myself from the top of a building. For her, for her to love me… Yes, I would have thrown myself from a building”, he confides in “Zidane”, a biographical book dedicated to him by Frédéric Hermel. For him, she is not afraid to make sacrifices. She therefore gives up dancing and chooses to follow him wherever he goes. From Cannes to Bordeaux, from Turin to Madrid.

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Almost a year after their marriage, on March 24, 1995, the couple welcomed their first child, Enzo, to Bordeaux. Symbolic first name for Zidane which pays homage to Enzo Francescoli, his childhood idol. In 1998, just months after welcoming his second son Luca, Zinedine Zidane’s career took a turn. Then aged 26, he was crowned world champion with the France team. A long-term match against Brazil during which the Frenchman scored the first two goals. His talent and his love for football allow him to win the Ballon d’Or the same year. He is the last French player to date and fourth in history to receive the prestigious award.

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A family united around a common passion

In 2002 and 2005, the couple welcomed Théo and Elyaz respectively. But for the Zidanes, football is a family affair. If Véronique never really hooked with this sport, she finally got used to it. “I didn’t like football at all, to the chagrin of my father who tried to take us there every Sunday, but it didn’t work at all (…). But Zinédine taught me to know the rules and now I’m interested. I can guess what he is going to do now, so I know his game well, ”she confided to Paris Match in 2018.

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For their part, from the under 16s to the under 20s, the four Zidane brothers have amassed 55 caps for the France team… and there’s something for everyone. In order, the eldest Enzo is playmaker, Luca goalkeeper, Theo central midfielder and the youngest of the tribe, Elyaz left back. A rarity in world football, with the first three already professional. Among the Zidanes, the passion for football is in the blood. Passion that could extend to the third generation with Sia, Zidane’s granddaughter, born this spring.

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