Justin Bieber sick, his wife Hailey gives his news



These past few weeks have been trying for Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey, both facing serious health concerns.

On June 10, Justin Bieber revealed that he suffered from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare infectious disease that paralyzes half of his face. Forced to cancel several concerts of his Justice World Tour, the singer finally gave the explanation for the time of a video relayed on social networks. A few days later, his wife Hailey gave his news.

Guest of the “Tonight Show” Wednesday evening, the 25-year-old model wanted to be optimistic about the state of health of her half: “Obviously, the turn of events has been strange in recent months and even in recent days (…). He’s fine and he’ll be fine.” The news is also reassuring about her own health, she who was hospitalized last March after suffering a mini stroke (or TIA, transient ischemic attack). His brain was actually hit by a small blood clot from a hole in his heart. Hole that was eventually closed during surgery.

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Wednesday night against host Jimmy Fallon, Hailey Bieber appeared in good shape, even if she is slowly recovering from this beautiful scare: “I’m just giving my body time to heal and do what it needs to, but I am fine.”

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On a promotional tour for her new line of cosmetic care called Rhode, the young woman also gave an interview to the show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Interview broadcast on Wednesday, during which she confided that she had grown closer to her husband since their respective health concerns: “Honestly, the positive point of this whole situation – what he went through, what I went through – is that really connected us. I feel like we’re closer than ever.”