Miss France according to Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the rules change

In an interview granted to the “Parisian”, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the Miss France company, spoke about the novelties of the beauty contest.

Since the arrival of Alexia Laroche-Joubert at the head of the Miss France company, the rules of the beauty contest have changed somewhat. The 52-year-old producer opened up about these new features in an interview with the “Parisian “. “We require candidates to be over 18 years old, over 1.70 meters tall to be able to wear designer dresses, and be women for civil status. On this last point, it has always been the case. We don’t know if there have been transgender women previously, it’s a matter of their privacy, ”she first said, alluding in particular to Andréa Furet.

This young 25-year-old actress, elected Miss Paris 2022 last Sunday, is the first openly transgender woman to participate in the beauty contest. “I always wanted to do it and when I realized it was possible, I did it. I do not regret it ! A lot of girls couldn’t have participated last year and are coming back this year. Long live progress!”, she told TF1info.

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“Miss France will never be a reality show”

Another notable novelty, mothers now have the right to participate in the competition, even if Alexia Laroche-Joubert thinks that “it is very complicated to be a mother and Miss France for a whole year”. “Now I myself have made a career out of being a mum, and I don’t want to assume that they won’t be able to organize themselves,” she added. Elodie Gossuin, Miss France 2001, confided in “Tele-Leisure » that she would have felt « unable to assume this responsibility ». “But there is no generalization to be made. It all depends on the age of the child or your daily personal life,” she added.

Finally, Alexia Laroche-Joubert spoke about the rumors of the ousting of Sylvie Tellier, the current general manager of Miss France. “A lot of people are speaking out and it’s very unfortunate. It was never mentioned either, neither in my declarations nor in those of Sylvie. These are rumors, Sylvie is currently in office and you will see her on the prime time of the election in December”, can we read in the columns of the daily. At the end of the interview, the businesswoman remains unclear about the sustainability of Sylvie Tellier’s status within the company…

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One thing is certain, Miss France “is and will remain a beauty contest”. The competition “will never be a reality show! Never, at any time, was there any question,” hammered the president of Adventure Line Productions.