Clarisse Agbegnenou mom, first photos with her little Athena



Just a few days after the announcement of the birth, Clarisse Agbégnénou shared some pictures of her newborn alongside her companion.

Beautiful family photos for a very special day. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Clarisse Agbégnénou sent a nice message to her companion Thomas Grava, but also to her father. The 29-year-old judoka also took the opportunity to share tender photos of her daughter Athena, born on June 17 and whose first name is inspired by Greek mythology.

“New life for us!! Thank you Athena for coming into our lives. I love you so much already. My heart is filled with joy and love right now,” she wrote on her Instagram account. The sportswoman said she was “proud to have men like that around (her)”. But in a humorous tone, the French nevertheless confided that she was “jealous” of not having experienced Mother’s Day before Father’s Day.

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On his Instagram account, the tatami star had announced that he was expecting his first child on February 7. Many Internet users were worried about not seeing her compete in the Grand Slam in Paris. “I officially announce that I will not resume immediately because I am pregnant,” she wrote in her publication. During her pregnancy, the double Olympic champion in Tokyo already had a very specific idea in mind, to see her daughter attend her fights in 2024. for baby and for all the staff who will take care of him!”, confided the medalist to the “Parisian ” in February.