Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone… Stars in London for Paramount+

Paramount + made a sensational entry into the battlefield of British streaming with its party organized in London this Monday evening. There were a host of celebrities for the platform’s UK launch, starting with Sylvester Stallone in an electric blue suit. The 75-year-old actor plays a high-flying mobster in “Tulsa King”, a new series broadcast on Paramount + as soon as the platform opens this Wednesday. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I don’t know how I avoided playing a gangster until then. I don’t understand. That’s how people look at me anyway,” he said.

Kevin Costner was also present for “Yellowstone”. The soap opera, broadcast in France on Salto, will be exclusively available on the new streaming platform. Michelle Pfeiffer posed with Viola Davis and Gillian Anderson (“The First Lady”). Jessica Chastain has arrived on the arm of her costar in “George & Tammy,” Michael Shannon. ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actors Pablo Schreiber and Kate Mulgrew have been spotted. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Naomie Harris and Bill Nighy, the trio from the new series “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, posed for photographers.

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Miranda Cosgrove’s hit sitcom “iCarly” will also be available on the streaming platform. “I hope it will make people happy here and in the United States,” said the 29-year-old actress and singer. “I’ve played the character of Carly for most of my life. So, yes, it is something that is close to my heart,” she added.

As for France, Paramount + programs should be accessible from Canal +, designated exclusive distributor, from December 2022.