Yannick Alléno’s moving tribute to his son Antoine

Yannick Alléno once again paid tribute to his son Antoine, killed by a driver last May.

More than a month after the death of his son, Yannick Alléno once again paid tribute to Antoine, 24, killed by a driver in the heart of Paris. “I like this photo where we were three!”, He wrote on Instagram this Sunday, Father’s Day. In the photo, the multi-award winning chef poses with his two sons, Antoine and Thomas.

The latter also wanted to pay tribute to his brother. “I fall asleep tonight with this beautiful memory of you, of us, this time spent together with dad like every year in Italy. I love you very much my angel”, can we read under the publication. “He’s here with us Tom,” his dad wrote in the comments.

Present at the funeral of the young man, the chefs Christophe Michalak and Jean-François Piège, as well as Sylvie Tellier expressed their support on the social network. “If one day I had thought of the worst nightmare, it would not have been this one. […] Let’s hope this didn’t happen for nothing and that Antoine will be at the origin of the change, and that he will encourage this society to react against those who rot life, who destroyed his life, who destroyed my life , Isabelle’s [sa mère, ndlr], that of Thomas, that of our whole family. Today we are going to celebrate Antoine, my Antoine, your Antoine, our love, “said Yannick Alléno, very moved, during the funeral.

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