Ben Stiller in Ukraine and Poland with refugees who fled the war

Goodwill Ambassador for the High Commissioner for Refugees, Ben Stiller has visited Poland and Ukraine.

An involved ambassador. This Monday, Ben Stiller is in Ukraine in his capacity as Goodwill Ambassador for the High Commissioner for Refugees. The American actor went to meet Ukrainians who had to leave their homes since the Russian invasion on February 24. “War and violence overwhelm people around the world. No one chooses to flee their home,” he said in a video published by the UN agency. “The search for security is a right that must be respected for all.” In an image released by the UNHCR, Ben Stiller walks in the streets of Irpin, a city near kyiv particularly marked by fighting and Russian strikes, which French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi visited last week.

On Sunday, the eve of World Refugee Day, the American actor was in Medyka, Poland, a town near the Ukrainian border. “I have met families who have fled the war in Ukraine, leaving loved ones behind, not knowing when they will be able to return home. I am very impressed by the agents of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and by their investment in supporting people during this ordeal, ”he wrote, adding a photo of him hugging two children. “The only thing that will guarantee Marina to see her loved ones again is peace,” he added in another post showing him during an interview with Marina, a Ukrainian from Kharkiv who fled her country with her children.

“Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes, 90% of them women and children. I am here to learn, to share testimonies that show the human impact of war and to amplify calls for solidarity,” he explained on Instagram. “I hope you will follow them and share your own messages of support for those who have fled their homes in Ukraine and for those who have been forced to flee all over the world. Everyone has the right to seek safety. It doesn’t matter who, it doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter when.”

After Medyka, Ben Stiller went to Lviv, as evidenced by the images published by Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs: “He spent time with Ukrainian refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border. Thank you, friend,” the adviser tweeted, adding the Ukrainian flag emoticon.

Before Ben Stiller, another UN envoy visited Ukraine: Angelina Jolie, who was briefly evacuated during her visit to Lviv due to an airstrike alert at the beginning of May. During a trip to a hospital, Angelina Jolie had met Rinat, a little boy whom Paris Match had met in Dnipro after the attack on Kramatorsk station, where two Russian missiles had fallen on civilians fleeing the fighting.

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