Laeticia Hallyday, unexpected souvenir photo with Jade, Joy… and Laura Smet



Two years ago, after a long legal tussle, Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet found an agreement on Johnny’s inheritance. Tensions truly seem to be a thing of the past.

As soon as she has the opportunity, Laeticia Hallyday takes to her Instagram account to pay tribute to Johnny. After marking what would have been his 79th birthday last week, the widow of Taulier celebrated Father’s Day with a new souvenir photo. Sunday June 19, its subscribers were able to discover a rather unexpected family portrait with Laura Smet.

“Happy Father’s Day to the best of dads. We celebrate you every day, I know you are not far away and I will keep you in my heart forever, you are loved, missed more than I could ever say and write. Happy Fathers Day. We love you so much,” she captioned her post. In the image, Johnny Hallyday appears all smiles, surrounded by his daughters: his daughter Joy on his knees, next to Laura Smet holding Jade in her arms. The highlighting of this photo with Laura Smet suggests that the hatchet is indeed buried between the widow and the eldest daughter of the rocker…

Following the death of Johnny in 2017, Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet were painfully opposed around the legacy left by the star. After a long legal tussle, from which David Hallyday gradually moved away after supporting his sister, an agreement was finally reached in the summer of 2020. Shortly after, the rocker’s widow confided in this subject to Paris Match: “We found a form of appeasement. During these two and a half years, I aspired only to that and I stretched out my hand. I am happy that today everyone is satisfied, whatever the state of mind. There were frustrations, misunderstandings that Johnny had left behind. No doubt it would have been enough to talk about it between us to dissipate everything rather than spreading it in public, but I don’t blame anyone, I’m not judging – we mourn as we can, she had Explain. Now I have a life to rebuild.”

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A life that she has rebuilt in Los Angeles, in particular by finding love in the arms of comedian and director Jalil Lespert, who has shared her life and her Californian daily life for a year and a half. For her part, Laura Smet (38) started a family by marrying businessman Raphaël Lancrey-Javal in 2018, then giving birth to her first child two years later: a boy baptized Léo, in tribute to the famous dad’s middle name.