George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Eva Longoria… These stars who make a fortune in spirits

George Clooney started the trend. In 2013, he created with Rande Gerber – who is none other than Cindy Crawford’s husband – the Casamigos tequila brand. Brand that he sold in 2017 to the British group Diageo for 850 million euros. Just that. Since then, many stars have taken inspiration from George Clooney by creating or investing in a brand of spirits. Tequila in particular, an alcohol that is quick to produce since, unlike wine or whiskey, it does not need to be aged for a long time – three years is enough.

Thus, after George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson created his brand of tequila (Teremana) achieving the best launch of a spirit in history, overtaking Casamigos: it sold 300,000 cases in just one year. “For context, Clooney sold 200,000 cases of Casamigos,” The Rock said on social media. Kendall Jenner recently followed suit by creating the 818 tequila brand, as did Eva Longoria who created Casa Del Sol.

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A lucrative investment

Some stars made the choice to create their brand of alcohol, others simply partnered with an existing brand, such as Nicki Minaj who became co-owner of the Myx wine company. Just six months after she bought half the company — and advertised the wine bottles on social media — sales were up 400%. Ryan Reynolds bought the Aviation gin brand from him, of which he is now the face. Discover all the stars who have invested in spirits in our slideshow.

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