“Tired”, Nabilla recounts her childbirth and gives news of little Leyann

Nabilla took the time to give news to her fans, a few days after welcoming her second little boy, named Leyann.

Three days after giving birth to her second child, Nabilla gave news to her fans. On Snapchat, the 30-year-old young woman gave some details about the birth: “As you have understood, little Leyann is among us. He is a little boy who is magnificent, who weighs 3.65 kilos, who has brown hair, who is too handsome. I am so happy”, she first confided. “Sorry, I’m a little emotional, tired. I haven’t talked too much lately, I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t even have the words, I didn’t think I would live these moments one day, it was so beautiful. I am more than happy,” she said.

The influencer then claimed that her newborn was “in very good health”, before having a word for her eldest son, aged 2 and named Milann. “We can’t wait to find Milann. He’s a little sick, we’ll have to be careful. But we can’t wait to be all four. We miss Milann, we FaceTime him two or three times a day. But I need to have my two sons with me. I think the hardest part of motherhood is that there is a child who is not with us,” she added, holding her baby in her arms.

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The businesswoman then took the time to talk about her husband, Thomas Vergara, whom she calls “papa hen”. The latter also spoke to his community: “We are with little Leyann. Look how cute he is. He is all brown. He looks a lot like his brother. Milann was blond when he was born. Leyann has lots of hair. He never cries, that’s incredible.

On Tuesday, Nabilla published a “story” on Instagram in which she thanked her obstetrician-gynecologist, in “whom we trusted for the second time and who made the birth of our son Leyann even more beautiful”. “Thank you also to the entire team of professionals at Espace Natal for the magical moments they allow us to experience during pregnancy and the first moments with our baby,” she then wrote.