In prison, the QAnon father who killed his children realizes he was ‘far from the truth’

Matthew Coleman, the American father follower of QAnon conspiracy theories, wrote a letter in prison in which he admits having been “far from the truth”.

From the prison where he is incarcerated, Matthew Coleman is on his way to the truth. This American man charged with the murder of his two children killed in Mexico, wrote a letter in which he acknowledges that with his conspiracy theories, especially those related to QAnon, he was “far from the truth”. The magazine “People who obtained the mail, quotes the murderer: With God’s help, I now realize how far I was from the truth. I should never have spent so much time reading these theories and I should have just focused on my role as husband and father. He adds that now imprisoned, he no longer has access to the sites he used to visit. “I’m sorting out now. There’s a lot to unpack and I need to figure out what I really believe in, but I don’t have access to all that information anymore, it’s up to me to use my brain. And this is a good thing. There was so much noise of confusion.

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“Carnage on Earth”

Kaleo, 3, and Roxy, 10 months, were found dead on a farm in Mexico. It was a farmer in Baja California, a province located near the American border, who discovered traces of blood on the ground. His dogs then found the two corpses. Matthew Coleman, 40, was arrested shortly after the gruesome discovery. The “San Francisco Gate reports that little Roxy was stabbed at least 12 times and her brother 17 times. A bloodstained wooden stake was found near the bodies. Matthew Taylor Coleman confessed to the crimes to the police. He quickly told federal authorities he had killed his children by shooting them with an underwater fishing gun. He had explained his gesture by the influence of conspiracy theories on his life, QAnon and Illuminati.

Court documents revealed by “People describe an interview the man had with the FBI after his arrest last summer. He would have told the agents that before taking action, while lying in bed, “he managed to decode everything”, explaining “being Neo” from the movie “Matrix”. “He said he had visions and realized that his wife AC had snake DNA (Mister Coleman mentioned he wasn’t sure if his wife was a shapeshifter) that she had passed on to their children and that all signs pointed to corrupted DNA from his children, which they were going to spread if he did nothing”. Surf school owner Matthew Coleman also talked about time travel and teleportation. According to the documents, Matthew Coleman said his 2-year-old son told him that his wife and a family friend were abusing him and his sister, and that he finally “saw the big picture that he had to kill her children to prevent them from becoming an alien species that would unleash carnage on Earth.”

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