Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe, the grand birthday of their little Nino

The son of Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe celebrated his first candle on Wednesday.

Balloon cluster, huge cake and ball pool. Little Nino, born June 14, 2021, had a grand first birthday. The son of Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe celebrated his first birthday on Wednesday June 15. Her mother shared photos from the event. We see him all smiles with his parents, comfortably installed on his father’s shoulders. The little one discovers, still surrounded by his parents, his first birthday cake and his first candle. On the last shot, we see him, helped by his mother, unpacking a huge gift, three times bigger than him.

“How lucky we are to have you”

“1 year of you my little Nino. How lucky we are to have you, we love you so much,” wrote Marion Rousse. On her Instagram account, the director of the Tour de France women has taken to sharing moments of private life and photos of her son, who we have seen evolve over the months. First holidays, first egg hunt, or lately helmet on the ears alongside his mother while she commented for France Télévisions on the Flèche Wallonne.

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A few days ago, on June 11, it was Julian Alaphilippe’s turn to take another year. A special year for the runner because he is now in his thirties.

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