Chaumet inaugurates its “Végétal-L’école de la beauté” exhibition at the Beaux-Arts

This is the flagship exhibition of the summer. While everyone is wondering about the place of plants in the world, Chaumet highlights its importance in the arts, through a collection of dizzying works brought together at the Beaux Arts in Paris. From the forest of Eva Jospin to the cyanotypes of Anna Atkins, via the tapestry of the Thousand Flowers of the Pope, the Seasons of Arcimboldo (released for the first time from the Louvre), the canvases of Manet and Monet, the jacket with ears of wheat by Yves Saint Laurent, the lily-of-the-valley dress by Christian Dior (superstitious, he thought he was his lucky charm) and of course the historic and contemporary pieces from Maison Chaumet.

As for the scenography by Adrien Gardère, it illuminates the abundant selection of botanist Marc Jeanson. Walking through the galleries, we saw Jean-Marc Mansvelt and Béatrice de Plinval touring the exhibition with Cindy Bruna, Victoria Monfort, Caroline Roux and Bernard Chevalier. Further on, the attentive gazes of Catherine Pgard, Raïka Hazanavicius, Lorena Vergani, Haider Ackerman, and Jean de Loisy showed how this place, steeped in history and beauty, fitted so wonderfully with this theme.

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