Antoine Griezmann, his wife makes him a beautiful statement for their 5 years of marriage



Wednesday June 15, Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena celebrated their five years of marriage. For the occasion, his wife sent him a beautiful message.

Five years already! Antoine Griezmann is no longer a heart to take for a long time. In a relationship since December 2011, Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena said “yes” to each other on June 15, 2017 during an intimate ceremony at the Galiana Palace in the south of Madrid. A date that the Spaniard wanted to celebrate and mark with a white stone this year on her Instagram account. “It’s already been five years since the most important ‘yes I do’ of our lives. And the most wonderful thing is that, since that day, every year is even better. I love you with all my soul,” she wrote.

To accompany her pretty words, Erika Choperena shared a souvenir snapshot of their wedding. The guests on the terrace and alone on the dance floor, the couple exchange a tender kiss. A publication that did not leave Internet users indifferent, many of whom congratulated the couple.

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On March 21, on the occasion of Antoine Griezmann’s 31st birthday, Erika Choperena celebrated his birthday while making a beautiful statement to him. From their eleven years of love were born their three children, Mia (6 years old), Amaro (3 years old) and Alba (1 year old). In an interview given to theFigaro “On June 18, 2021, “Grizou” was described as a demanding dad. “I teach them how to win, succeed, and if you lose, you start over until you get there. My granddaughter has taken the fold perfectly and loves it (…) At the Griezmanns, you have to hurt yourself to have an ice cream or a Barbie doll”.