Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge and Austin Butler at the sunny ‘Elvis’ photocall

Waiting for moviegoers in front of the (small) press conference room, there was no doubt that “Elvis” by Baz Luhrmann was one of the most anticipated films of this 75th Cannes Film Festival. One made the crane foot with a poster of “The Great Gatsby” by the same Baz Luhrmann, the other held out feverishly a press kit of “Forrest Gump” hoping to grab the attention of Tom Hanks. Available, smiling, also delighted with the wonderful reception at the Cannes Film Festival, the stars took the time to take selfies with the fans and sign a few autographs despite the tight timing.

If young audiences only had eyes for Austin Butler, “Elvis” (to be found soon in an interview in Paris Match), the cinephile boomer was waiting for him Tom Hanks, who could well get an Oscar for best supporting role for his interpretation. of Colonel Parker, famous manager of the greatest rockstar in history. “I researched a lot about him before playing the role,” he explained during the press conference. He immediately saw in Elvis an incredible talent. And he took the opportunity to earn money”, adding with a smile “to be a professional” able to play the “Bad Guy” of history.

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