Last night in Paris… The gala of the Good Fairies of the Misses

Tuesday, June 14, for the great return of the gala of the association “Les Bonnes Fées”, many Miss were gathered in Paris. For the occasion, Paris Match was there.

Among the Misses, the echo is the same, “it feels good to meet again”. At the InterContinental Paris Le Grand, after a two-year absence, the gala organized for the benefit of the “Les Bonnes Fées” association has made a comeback. So, for this exceptional evening which mixes business with pleasure, the atmosphere is joyful and friendly. At the photocall, the Misses, each more resplendent than the other, parade and pose in front of the photographers before coming together for a pretty family photo. Magic wand in hand, they take on their role of “Good Fairies” with joy and good humor.

Dressed by Sima Couture and wearing her “Miss France 2022” scarf, Diane Leyre celebrates her first gala as a Good Fairy. Relaxed and smiling, “the little sister of the group” feels no apprehension, but more “a desire to do well” and “to be up to it”. For her part, Clémence Botino, also a new recruit, says she is “happy” and “very moved” to be “surrounded by all these Misses”. As in a waking dream, she is still saying to herself “pinch me”.

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Also in pictures: Diane Leyre, Camille Cerf, Nathalie Marquay… The Misses gathered at the “Good Fairies” gala

A little further on, Marine Lorphelin and Stéphane Plaza engage in a fascinating discussion, while Camille Cerf, cocktail in hand alongside her companion Théo Fleury, immortalizes the musicians in full. Leaning on one of the tables, Yelizaveta Yastremskaya (Miss Ukraine 2020) and Maëva Coucke take selfies. In the middle of a European tour, the Ukrainian beauty queen is passing through France to collect donations for the orphans of the war which is currently affecting her country.

“Faced with the disease, we are all affected”

Launched in 2015 by former Misses, the organization “Les Bonnes Fées” helps sick women and young mothers in need. The association distributes cases filled with basic necessities in maternity wards and works alongside women suffering from cancer by opening Maisons des Bonnes Fées, spaces where they can follow socio-aesthetic workshops. Sublime in her long low-cut Georges Chakra dress, Maëva Coucke (Miss France 2020) is one of the Misses for whom the association has a very special resonance. “My mom was affected by breast cancer so my year in title, I devoted it to the fight against this cancer,” she confides to Paris Match. And if in front of the patients, the Good Fairies must be spontaneous and joyful, it is not always so simple. “I try as much as possible to bring them my joy, but it’s true that in some cases, I’ve already cracked up.”

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“Faced with the disease, we are all affected,” adds Nathalie Marquay. Between her difficult battle with leukemia, prostate and lung cancer from her late husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the 55-year-old former beauty queen knows what she’s talking about. “I know how important it is to be with the sick, to support them and encourage them because morale is 80% of recovery”. And Nathalie Marquay intends to give everything for this association and sometimes even… at the expense of her health, as when she takes part in the program “Fort Boyard” for the benefit of the “Good Fairies”: “Last year I done with a broken foot even though my doctor had told me not to. But I’m happy because it was the fourth best sum of the season.

Almost 10 p.m. in the red velvet lounge of the InterContinental. After long exchanges and a few glasses of champagne, the Misses and their guests go to the reception room to continue this beautiful evening around a star-studded dinner.

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