Carla Bruni amused, her daughter Giulia is already wearing her clothes and heels



With a supermodel mom, Giulia has access to a wardrobe full of designer clothes… Already, the daughter of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy is improvising fittings.

From the height of her 10 years, Giulia already puts her nose in the dressing room certainly well supplied by her famous mother. Wednesday June 15, Carla Bruni took to her Instagram account to share some photos of her daughter, born of her marriage to former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Shots on which the little girl wears her mother’s clothes and accessories, under the amused eye of the latter.

“On Wednesdays we steal her mother’s clothes… Often, she wears my clothes and makes me melt #giuliamonamour”, writes the 54-year-old ex-model in the caption of her publication. In the image, Giulia appears dressed in a black blazar and a pair of high-heeled ankle boots. The opportunity to see that she has grown well, even without heels! As usual when she shares photos of her daughter, Carla Bruni is careful not to show her face.

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While she shares her passion for fashion with her daughter, the interpreter is also delighted with the love life of her son Aurélien (soon to be 21), born of her past relationship with Raphaël Enthoven. Last May, she indeed encouraged his relationship with a certain Defne Demirdelen, whom he met while pursuing his graduate studies in New York, at the prestigious Columbia University.

In addition to his studies, Aurélien also plays models, since he recently posed for the magazine “Cap 74024” for a number shared with his mother. When will there be a cover with Giulia?