Justin Lin: the real reasons that led him to resign as director of “Fast and Furious 10”

With everything that means the saga of “Fast and furious” It is presumed that inside the recordings there is no detail that escapes and that the product is taken care of from head to toe, but a curious fact has caused everything to get very strange while the tenth film of this type is being filmed, which returns to be carried out by the actor Vin Diesel.

It all starts when, in full recording, the film’s actor, Justin Lin, stepped aside in that position, attracting a lot of attention, since filming had begun and it was thought that everything was on track for the realization of “Fast X”, which marks the beginning of the end of the saga of cars and races.

Taking all this into account, the departure of the director has generated a lot of uncertainty and curiosity on the part of the fans, who want to know what has really happened for something like this to happen unexpectedly.

Justin Lin has already worked on several "Fast and Furious" movies (Photo: AFP)
Justin Lin has already worked on several “Fast and Furious” movies (Photo: AFP)


It was learned that the director born in Taiwan resigned from his position as the main director of the film, but not from his position as producer, so he will remain in the team and the final work will continue to have part of him, although no longer in the way in which it was initially planned .

At the moment, Justin Lin has not revealed why he made the decision to resign as the director, but various portals and media outlets have mentioned a series of rumours. For example, Hollywood Reporter has commented that everything was due to a disagreement with part of the production and certain whims of the main character.

The aforementioned media reports that Lin got tired of certain attitudes of the main actor, such as being late and arriving without knowing his lines. In the same way, it is indicated that there were several disagreements with Universal and discussions, which ended with a door slamming included on his part.

It is said that the script was already tested by Universal, but Vin Diesel He was not very happy and, as the protagonist and producer, he was proposing several changes, which delayed the recording, so Justin Lin got tired and decided not to continue as director.


After having resigned, Universal took action on the matter and looked for a replacement, who could take over the production that promises to raise several million dollars worldwide.

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