Balenciaga: The new collection of destroyed sneakers

This time, Balenciaga has crossed the boundaries of fashion with its new collection featuring sneakers that emulate being broken and dirty, however this is the model that represents “more is more”, which will be available online from this May in some parts of the world.

Paris High Top Full Destroyed .jpg
The model Paris High Top Full Destroyed is the most controversial.

The model that is causing the most controversy within social networks is the Paris High Top Full Destroyed, Well, it is the most striking of the entire collection, since it consists of tennis shoes that are reminiscent of the classic “Chuck Taylor” model by Converse, but full of tears as well as giving the effect of being discolored and full of paint of another color.

However, actually defining them as worn or destroyed would be an understatement of these sneakers of Balenciaga, because they are mistreated on purpose. They are in black and white, with textured finishes and wear on the canvas and sole, scratches and even scratches, their price to pre-order them is 42 thousand Mexican pesos.

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