Turtles show their companionship and help another one that was face up in the water

How important is teamwork? Well, we believe that it is essential to carry out a common goal. When each member knows how important it is, she will find that the common task is easier. This was demonstrated by a group of turtles who did not ‘hesitate’ to show their friendship and help one of their own who was face up in the water.

The truth is that this recording is from September of last year, but it recently went viral on Twitter where it has already accumulated more than 10 million views and another 4 million on TikTok. Users on social networks have reacted with applause after seeing the turtles’ teamwork.

In the images you can see a turtle floating on its back in the water trying to turn around and moving its legs. But the only thing it achieves is turning on itself. It is at that moment that the other reptiles realized that he needed help.

A group of turtles that was still underwater approaches her and, after stopping their turns, manage to turn her around with the support of their heads. Without a doubt, it is a clear example of camaraderie and teamwork that has surprised the different Internet users.

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“How much human beings have left to learn, especially when driving,” said an Internet user on TikTok. Another similar moment was also spread on Twitter in which another animal shows solidarity with a turtle that is in trouble for not being able to turn around.

In the video, a buffalo is seen that, with the help of its horn, manages to turn the reptile that was lying face down on its shell. After performing this noble act, he receives applause and cheers from the people who were nearby.