Peru will invest 183 million dollars to build a thousand bridges

Lima, May 9 (Latest).- The Peruvian Ministry of Defense announced this Monday that the Executive is working on the construction of 1,083 bridges with the participation of the Army, a project that has an investment of 700 million soles (about 183 million dollars), with the aim of “bringing the most remote communities closer and contributing to their development”.

“That is the work that President Pedro Castillo is embarking on, we are going to do it with the Army’s engineering battalions. It will be through specific agreements, with specific results,” Defense Minister José Luis Gavidia said in an interview with the successful station.

He announced that the Government is building twelve bridges at the moment, and that the goal is to build at least 20 a month.

He also added that “they are bridges of 30, 40, 50 meters, they are not big, but they solve big problems.”

In the same interview, Gavidia also referred to the strategies of the Government, the Armed Forces and the National Police against drug trafficking groups related to what remains of the Shining Path terrorist group in the valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro (Vraem) rivers. .

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“The counter-subversive bases in the Vraem will be deactivated when we annihilate the enemy. The enemy is annihilated,” said the minister, explaining that the intervention is currently in the third stage, which is consolidation, which ends with the neutralization of the terrorist organization.

He added that the last stage of the intervention is normalization and will begin when the Vraem is completely pacified.

At that time, the military bases will be able to become production centers that will contribute to the development of the populations and the military personnel will be replenished in other points of the territory that need to be reinforced.

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