Why Christian Nodal keeps talking to Belinda after breaking up

The artists Christian Nodal Y Belinda had formed one of the most loved and followed relationships in Mexico. Despite their age difference and the short time together, they both got engaged and lived their love at a thousand times an hour in front of all the social media, obtaining many followers who were aware of everything. However, from one moment to another, everything ended.

After several weeks of speculation about it, in February, the regional Mexican singer revealed that his relationship with the blonde had come to an end after a post on his Instagram account. For his part, “Beli” remained silent and did not publish anything about it, choosing to live his mourning in privacy.

As expected, each of the artists began a new stage, in which they had to overcome their love sorrows first, so their respective fans accompanied them through comments and messages on social platforms, but they also left in Of course they wanted to know what had really happened.

Although many hypotheses about the end of the relationship were aired in the media, the reason why the ‘Nodeli‘ They went their separate ways. Moreover, despite the fact that several months have passed, the truth about it has not been known, since none of them have given details and they chose to handle it in privacy.

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When everything seemed that the two artists were no longer interested in each other or simply no longer had communication, everything has changed recently, since Nodal himself confessed that they are still talking.

The couple had already engaged and their marriage was expected shortly (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)
The couple had already engaged and their marriage was expected shortly (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)


The 23-year-old singer had an interview on the “Despierta América” ​​program with the host Francisca Lachapel, in which he talked about many things about his personal life, his career and also about specific issues of his last known relationship with Belindawhich was already headed for a marriage.

One of the things he spoke Nodal It was his desire to have a large family of children and also if he would be able to personify a woman due to some mistake that person may have had during the time of the relationship.

“I heal my sorrows with a lot of self-love, I heal them by reflecting, what was I wrong about. I forgive a woman everything, sure. If I continue with that woman it is different, then I have already forgiven, you know?”were some of his words.

When Francesca Lachapel He asked the young artist about his estrangement with Belinda, everyone was surprised by the answer. And it is that Nodal confirmed that they are still talking, which feeds the rumors of a possible reconciliation in the future.

“We have had talks but, I don’t know… these are things that go with life. We have had talks, but as I say, I do not know in what position life puts us.commented.


In the interview with the aforementioned Univisión program, the singer Christian Nodal spoke about the possibility of resuming his relationship with Belinda and surprised everyone by not ruling it out.

“It is not a definitive no nor is it a definitive yes, just… whatever life says, do you understand me?”said the artist.