Doctor Strange 2 explains a scene that doesn’t make any sense

The filming of Doctor Strange 2 carried out the filming of a scene that does not make any sense. A surprise that we did not expect.

Elizabeth Olsen has revealed that he never met two of the most important members of the Illuminati while filming Doctor Strange 2. That doesn’t make any sense! After what happened in WandaVision, Scarlet Witch returned to Marvel Cinematic Universe from the hand of Sam Raimi. This time he has done it in the most epic and incredible way that we expected. Unfortunately, she was corrupted by the Darkhold and yearned for the power of America Chavez to definitely be with their children in another universe. To do this, he ended up facing a bunch of superheroes and killing them along the way.

In a recent interview with CinemablendElizabeth Olsen explained that she never actually coincided with Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) y John Krasinski (Mr. Fantastic) during the filming of Doctor Strange 2. He killed the two characters, but did not coincide with them on the set! He has described this process as movie magic and furthermore compared the power levels of the two Wanda Maximoff that they inhabit while he was full of praise towards the Illuminati, despite the fact that they did not keep his pulse in battle.

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The incredible power of Wanda Maximoff, beyond the universes

“We decided that the limitation is that she was not in her body. She’s in a less powerful version of herself, so she’s not able to do as much as our universe’s Wanda could,” Elizabeth Olsen explained about her role in Doctor Strange 2. “It’s more about using the body as a vehicle of evil or something like that, like a vehicle not so fine-tuned. I wanted it to be easier. It’s amazing to get to have all those moments, all those scenes.”

It’s funny that Doctor Strange 2 not get Elizabeth Olsen together with all the other co-stars to do a scene where she actually ends their lives. But, indeed, that is the magic of cinema. The ability of the editing room to make the impossible possible.