The US could increase the number of instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers

The US is ready to consider increasing the number of instructors to train soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he claimed This Monday at a press conference the spokesman for the US Department of Defense, John Kirby.

“Now we do not see the need to increase the number of trainers. We consider that the resources we have are sufficient,” Kirby said, when asked about how the US authorities view the process of training the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Likewise, he indicated that “not only the Florida National Guard participates in the assistance in this case”, but that Canada is also training Ukrainian soldiers.

However, the spokesman noted that Washington is not ruling out the possibility of increasing the number of American coaches. “If we need to change the number or add people to deliver the training, of course we will be willing to consider it,” he stressed.

Previously, Brigadier General Joseph E. Hilbert, head of the US Army’s 7th Training Command in Europe, reported that between 2015 and January 2022 The US trained more than 23,000 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and invested $126 million in this effort.

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